DOÑA CARMEN was created in 1970 in Santander, Spain. Our founder’s name isn’t Carmen, though everybody asks and most do call her Carmen anyway just like the rest of our team, comprised entirely of women and whom everybody calls Carmen. So begins the story of Doña Carmen, a family business that began as a small shop with dreams of bringing something new and that gradually, through hard work and perseverance, has managed to carve a niche for itself in the world of baby fashion.

Our journey begins with an idea, an idea that came to mind one day and has taken shape over the course of endless afternoons spent sharing ideas and hours spent dreaming about all the things we want to do. We want this idea to grow, which is why we examine samples of fabrics, lace, buttons, etc. over and over again. We drive Isabel crazy; she doesn’t work here, but it’s as if she did because we call her to commission a dress that is sold out but that a client wants for her twins. Ana visits from time to time, always with such beautiful things, and we make her head spin because we love them all and can’t wait until next summer because we want to show them to you now. Mer from the store tells us that the leggings are too small; Lola from Madrid is upset because she is running out of stock; and Amparo from Murcia complains that we’re ignoring her. Once in a while there is an email from a client who asks us for a romper that she loved but can’t find in the store or online and we try to hunt one down for her.

This is our day to day: working to make lovely things with the lowest costs. We know what we want but not at just any price. This is the backbone of Doña Carmen: a design that we hope differentiates us and prices that are affordable for all.